Wayang - We have engaged to support foreign investors to solve many cases since 2002 - farida law

We Have Engaged
to Support Foreign Investors
to Solve Many Cases Since 2002,

Rumah Sumba - From corporate problems to the litigation without any corruption - farida law

From Corporate Problems
to the Litigation
Without Any Corruption,

batik - But with deep understanding of law and culture of Indonesian Society - farida law

But With Deep Understanding
of Law and Culture
of Indonesian Society.

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Law Office in Indonesia with Japanese and English Speaking Lawyer

Indonesia is a growing economy with GDP rate of more than 5% per year. It has been shifting smoothly to democratic country after the economic crisis in 1998 and now became one of the important countries in the world due to its proper qualification for Foreign Direct Investment and a member of G20 in the world scene. During this period of the growth, Farida Law Office has also grown with more than 2.000 cases from more than hundreds Japanese Corporation all over Indonesia. From our experience of 16 years since 2002, we believe that a capable and good Law Office is quite indispensable for foreign companies in Indonesia under the following reasons:

  • Usage of Indonesian language is obligatory in the field of law such as making contract, Article of Association, and other necessary document for the Government institutions.
  • Law and regulation are often amended and the court system does not have case law (not a jurisprudence system).
  • Requirement of compliance by Government is relatively strong especially for foreign entities and projects.
  • There is big discrepancy between the statute and its implementation.
  • The value from the religion such as Islam and the Customer Law from the various Regions and Tribes is still emphasized.
  • Human relation often becomes the key for solution of troubles with Government organs.
As a good and capable law office, Farida Law Office is always trying our best to support foreign investors in Indonesia as if home doctor for the investors and foreigners.

Areas of Practice

“All legal issues are handled by our experienced lawyers who are experts in their fields”

  • Labor & Industrial Relation
  • Corporate & Merger Acquisition
  • Investment
  • Nationality Law & Human Right

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