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Hitotsubashi University 2018 Autumn Session Lecture

04 September 2018
Ike Farida, S.H.,LL.M, PhD, Founder and Managing Partner of Farida Law Office, gave a lecture on the Indonesian Law to the students of Post Graduate Program at Faculty of Law for the Autumn of 2018. 

Dr. Farida has been giving lectures in Japanese language to the students of Post Graduate Program for these past 5 years. The lecture was covering various Indonesian laws. The subjects of this Autumn Session held in the beginning of September 2018 were concentrating on Constituonal Law and Legal System, Investment Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, and Anti-Corruption Law. At the end of the session, Dr. Farida who is fluent in Japanese, opened a session for question and answer as to give opportunities for the enthusiastic Post Graduate Program Students to ask further about the Indonesian Law in book and also in the reality or in the society ( das sollen and das sein )This program has been introduced by Prof. Chihiro Nunoi who is one of the prominent professors on Business Law of Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law. SInce Indonesia is considered as one of the countries that still attracts Japanese investors to make investment, the Indonesian Law is considered as an important issue to be known by the Post Graduate Program Students. The ASEAN Law lecturing by professionals from different countries had made Hitotsubashi University more knowledgeable by the society as one of the high class universities that concerns to develop ASEAN in the view of commercial law. Besides commercial law, Hitotsubashi University also specializes in Legal, Economics, and Social Studies in Tokyo.