• Questioning ownership of Indonesian citizens intermarry property by : Ike Farida, S.H., LL.M

Government Regulation (PP) No.103 of 2015 on the ownership of residential houses or residence by foreigners domiciled in Indonesia is actually intended to regulate residential ownership for foreigners. But instead it is seen as a legal uncertainty for Indonesians married to foreigners (WNI intermarry) to have the right to land.Beleid issued by President Joko Widodo on December 22, 2015 (more…)


  • Limited Dual Nationality in Indonesia A Study of Human Right Protection by : Ike Farida, S.H., LL.M
The Country guarantees protection of Human Rights towards its entire people, without exception for children of mixed marriage people who bring two different systems of nationality from their parents. Toward the mixed marriage children, its need particular treatment for their human rights be guaranteed, particularly guaranty for nationality status as mentioned in Article 28D paragraph (4) of Indonesia 1945 (more…)





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