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Office Profile

Farida Law Office ( FLO ) was founded by Dr. Ike Farida S.H., LL.M and her partners in 2002 for the purpose of supporting mainly Japanese investors and companies in Indonesia of their business activities from legal aspect. Through our activities of 17 years, FLO has been handling more than 2,000 cases from hundreds of Japanese clients in all over the territory of Indonesia. Most cases are from the clients who take the FLO system of retaining contracts to support daily legal needs of the clients like the role of medical home doctor rather than spot-based cases. The merits enjoyed by retaining FLO will be among others, easy access to consultation with FLO lawyers on daily basis by telephone, meeting, or e-mail which has more efficiency and economical than holding inner lawyers. It is better and convenient system to utilize not only large or public listed company, but also for middle and small scale enterprises.

FLO can be classified as all ground player due to its integrated operation covering from corporate works such as establishement of legal entity, joint venture agreement, shareholders meeting, investment, acquisition, merger, legal audit, contracts, liquidation of the company,government procedures and others until labor disputes, civil and criminal litigation which covers most legal issues in corporation.