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ILLCA: Ministerial of Manpower Regulations No.11 of 2019 is Not Enough, Outsourcing Must Be Regulated By an Independent Regulation To get more justice

Ministerial of Manpower Regulations number 11 of 2019 which regulates outsourcing has been published on August 5th, 2019. It contained improvements

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ILLCA Board of Management Period 2019-2024

The Indonesian Labor Law Consultants Association (ILLCA) Board of the management of 2019-2024 at the Ministry of Manpower Building, Gatot Soebroto, Jakarta, on Thursday (29/08/2019). ILLCA Chairperson Ike Farida said,"We just launched today,but there are more than100 people

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The Inauguration of ILLCA 2019

Before the inauguration of the Indonesian Labor Law Association (ILLCA), ILLCA has already busy with many activities and invitations at several institutions.These activities include requests to provide an advice to the Ministry of Manpower related to the rules of outsourcing, wages and layoffs, seminars at the DPR RI, conducting legal studies related

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