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Corporate Law Firms Ranking 2020 A Row of Medium Corporate Law Firms in Indonesia 2020 Managing service quality with efficient measures

Corporate Law Firms Ranking 2020 has succeeded in bringing 69 well-known Indonesian corporate law firms Law firms that were born in the era of the 2000s meet the list of most famous Medium Corporate Law Firms. Being a medium law firm does not mean less reliable. Many law firms have not chosen to be big law firms for many reasons. But usually, there is one common thread that is the efficiency strategy for managing the quality.

Farida Law Office has a story that "We don't have a plan to be a big law firm or just become a boutique. But so far almost all of our clients have been retainers for a long time from Japanese companies, "said Ike Farida, Managing Partner of the Farida Law Office.

Farida's expertise in Japanese language and culture and her study experience in Japan made her find a segment of Japanese corporate clients. The convenience of his client made Farida try to keep their trust.

It makes her clients had increasingly given up on their legal affairs. "Finally, from a to z handed over to us," she said. Farida also chose to continue to manage quality with very selective fee earners recruitment.

The aim is to keep the satisfaction of old clients. This method also succeeded in making more and more Japanese company clients come. "Only corruption and drug cases are not handled by us," she added.