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ILLCA Success Conducted National Webinar During Covid-19 Situation

After successfully holding a National Seminar on March 5th, 2020 at the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, ILLCA continue held similar activity. Although in mid-March the first Covid-19 outbreak hit Indonesia, it did not break the spirit and enthusiasm of ILLCA to stay observant with the current labors issue. ILLCA took the initiative to hold an online seminar or webinar, where it included the participation of people with a different background coming from all over the city in Indonesia. This is proven by the number of participants reaching 200 people on each webinar.

There are too many labor hot issues related to Pandemic Covid-19 which encouraged ILLCA to discuss it further by bringing different perspectives from Labor Experts, the government, academics, and practitioners. The first webinar was held on May 19th, 2020, with the theme " Labor New Era Post-Covid-19 (Through Government Policies "), joined as speaker are Dr. Aris Wahyudi, M.Si (Director General of Manpower Placement Development and Expansion of Employment Opportunities of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower), Prof. Dr. Abdul Rachman Budiono, SH, MH (Professor of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya), Kemalsjah Siregar (Labor Law Practitioner), Dr. Ike Farida, SH, LL.M (Chairperson of ILLCA).

Receiving massive positive responses from the previous webinar, ILLCA once again held a national webinar "Toward Direction of Industrial Relations and New Normal Application Policy in the Middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic" on June 11, 2020, inviting Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, S.H. (Professor of Constitutional Law Faculty of Law Indonesia University), Drs. Ghazmahadi, S.T. M.M. (Acting Director of K3 Norm Oversight, Director General of MoMP & K3 Binwasnaker), Prof. Dr. Payaman Simanjuntak, APU (Professor of the Faculty of Ekomi Unkris).

Dr. Ike Farida, SH, LL.M as the Chairperson of ILLCA conveyed that the webinar is one from many contributions from ILLCA to society. She hopes that this webinar can be a place to provide solutions and answer the needs of the workforce for wise and relevant regulations for all stakeholders in facing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.