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Ready to Help Stakeholders to Fix Up Employment Bridging The Interests of The Government, Workers, Employers and Related Parties to Form Policies in The Labor Fields.

The Indonesian Labor Law Consultants Association (ILLCA) was officially formed.The inaugurationof the management of HKHKI for the period2019-2023 and the inaugurationof the establishment of ILLCA will be conducted on 29th August 2019.In this inauguration ceremony at the same time, a national seminar regarding employment will be held.HKHKI Chairperson Ike Farida said the organization that she leads having a purpose for providing advice and connecting all parties in the labor fields, such as the government, employers, and workers. This organization consists of academics and advocates who focus on handling labor issues.?Ike claimed ILLCA had provided advice to the government in formulating many policies in labor sector. For example, regarding contractual employment or outsourcing, ILLCA provided advice to Minister of Manpower Regulation Number of 2019 concerning the Second Amendment to Minister of Manpower Regulation number 19 of 2012 concerning Terms of Submission of Partial Job Execution to Other Employers.


The final goal of ILLCA is making Indonesia more competitive, an investment can enter and employers that have already invested in Indonesia will not move to other countries. Also, local workers can compete with foreign workers, "said Ike.


In addition to the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ike said ILLCA provided an advice to the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is important because there are still regulations in the regions that are not in line with Law Numb. 13 of 2003 concerning labor law. ILLCA is also ready to assist the government to provide legal assistance in labor issues abroad. ILLCA is also open if some employers and workers want to consult or want their input delivered to the government.