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Socialization on Mixed Marriage Foreign Worker

On November 13, 2018, Dr. Ike Farida, S.H.,LL.M, Founder and Managing Partner of Farida Law Office as well as a member of the Masyarakat Perkawinan Campuran (Mixed Marriage Association), gave a speech at workshop regarding the Regulation Socialization concerning Foreign Worker in Mixed Marriage.It was held by The Mixed Marriage Association or well-known as PerCa together with Director General of Directorate General of Job Placement Development and Job Opportunity Expansion (Binapenta) from Ministry of Manpower and Director General of Immigration at Manhattan Hotel, South Jakarta.

The key speakers of this workshop were Mr. Hariyanto as the Representative of Director of Binapenta, Mr. Ade Satria as the Representative of Director of Immigration, and Dr. Farida as a member of PerCa who is an expert in Mixed Marriage and issues related to it. Dr. Farida, gave a speech regarding the Protection of Mix Marriage Foreign Workers (Presidential Decree No. 20/2018).

The purpose of the workshop was to promote and socialize the new regulations (Presidential Decree 20/2018 and Minster of Manpower Decree No. 10/2018) in order for people to know the importance of the new regulations not only for the Foreign Workers but also for Indonesian Citizens as well, since problems related to these issues in Indonesia are overwhelming such as Mixed Marriage Foreign Workers have not yet received the proper protection because of the inexistency of regulations that should regulate this matter, as up to this moment, Mixed Marriage Foreign Workers still follow the regulations of those pure Foreign Workers. Therefore, in this opportunity, Dr. Ike Farida, recommended that there has to be measures taken into account to solve issues faced by the Mixed Marriage Foreign Workers.

Thus, this goal can be realized by the role of the government that can make a proper regulation that can guarantee legal security towards Mixed Marriage Foreign Workers. At the end of the session, the speakers opened a session for questions and answer. The participants were so eager and enthusiastic to have a chance to speak and ask questions. The questions and answer session had to be grouped into 7 sessions as to cope with the excessive amount of questions asked by the participants who were highly interested in this matter.