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The Inauguration of ILLCA 2019

Before the inauguration of the Indonesian Labor Law Association (ILLCA), ILLCA has already busy with many activities and invitations at several institutions.These activities include requests to provide an advice to the Ministry of Manpower related to the rules of outsourcing, wages and layoffs, seminars at the DPR RI, conducting legal studies related to Ministerial of Manpower Regulations Number11 of 2019 concerning outsourcing, consigning with the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and many more. ILLCA is a forum that has been long awaited since Law number 13 of 2003 concerning Labor Law released. This forum consists of academics, legal consultants and advocates who focus themselves in the field of employment.

The activity of this organization focuses on controlling, guidance, training and as a governments regular partner parliament by contributing opinions of legal analysis to formulate policies and legislation in labor fields.ILLCA is an independent organization that is expected to have a strategic position towards parties and the development of labor law in Indonesia in the future. The National Seminar and the Inauguration events which is supported and collaborated with the Directorate General of Industrial Relations and Social Security Ministry of Manpower and the Directorate General of Human Rights.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights received a very positive response from the community, as evidenced by the attendance of delegates from 23 State and Private Universities throughout the country , 12 Ministries at the Central and Regional Level, 12 Delegates of other country, 6 Advocates' Organizations, 15 Confederations of Trade Unions, 15 Non-Ministerial Organizations and Professional Organizations / Associations throughout Indonesia; dozens of BUMN and private companies, students and the general public.