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Citizenship in Indonesia: Concept and Practical Clue regarding Citizenship

This book is good to be read for both academicians and practitioners. This is a very practical guidance book because it uses a question-answer format, and equipped by Citizenship law and its subordinate legislations.
Prof. Dr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra,S.H., M.Sc
This book is important for both academicians and practitioner (in societies) because this book not only gives insight and explanations regarding Indonesian citizenship, but also could be references for societies to discover more about Law No. 12 in 2006 concerning Citizenship. This book was written by a law specialist who has been working in the law field for quite a long time. The language used in this book is simple and easy to understand by general readers.

Dr. Freddy Haris, S.H., LL.M.
Director General of General Law Administration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights(2015-2018)
Director General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law and Human Rights (2017-2020)
I welcome every effort of Mrs. Ike Farida, S.H., LL.M as a member of Doctoral Program at Postgraduate Program in Law Faculty, University of Indonesia to publish a book regarding The Citizenship in Indonesia as present before the readers. It is expected to be likely as its subtitle, that this book could be a concept and practical guidance for various issues on citizenship in Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Satya Arianto, S.H.,M.H.
Professor of Law and Head of Postgraduate Program, Law Faculty, University of Indonesia