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The Citizenship In Indonesia: A Concept And Practical Guidance Of Citizenship (Revision Edition)

This book is important for academics, researchers, civil practitioners, citizens with foreign spouses, students, and the mass, to enrich the knowledge regarding the latest developments in citizenship in Indonesia and this book can also be used as a reference and practical guide for the society to understand Law no. 12 of 2006 regarding Citizenship.

Dr. Mualimin Abdi, S.H., M.H.
Director General of Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia

This book is an important legal breakthrough for perpetrators of mixed marriages, especially for Indonesian women married to foreigners. This book discusses the various perspectives of citizenship and describes them in an easy and simple to understand way.

Prof. Dr. Satya Arinanto, S.H., M.H.
Professor of Law and Head of Postgraduate Program of Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia and
Special Advisor for Legal Affairs to the Vice President, Republic of Indonesia

This book is very beneficial and helpful for all groups ranging from the government, legal practitioners, academics, and students as a reference in conducting research. In addition, this book is very comprehensible because it is presented in easy-to-read language. Dr. Ike Farida is the right figure to write this book, because in addition to her position as a legal practitioner, she is also an academician, and has a foreign spouse (Mixed Marriage).

Prof. Dr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra, M.H., M.Sc.
Minister of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia (2001-2004)